October 2017 Newsletter

Six Things Keeping You Fat!

You're filling up on healthy foods, exercising daily and still, the scale isn't budging. It's mind-numbingly frustrating. Luckily, it's also fixable. Here are six common things that could be standing between you and your weight-loss goals.

1. You Aren't Tracking What You Eat

Almost every single person underestimates how much they are eating. You can blame over-sized restaurant portions and mindless munching for that. We recommend tracking everything you eat, at least for a couple months, which will help you learn proper portion sizes and how your favorite health foods measure up calorie-wise.

2. You're Not Sleeping Enough

A bad night's sleep can wreck your weight-loss efforts through a two-pronged approach. First, it makes you hungry and likely to overeat. Second, not getting enough sleep could make your body store what you do eat as fat.

3. You're Eating the Same Number of Calories You Did on Day One of Your Diet

The weight-loss plateau: At the beginning of your diet, you were losing weight and feeling great. But now, you're doing the exact same thing, but with zero results. That might be the problem. The smaller you get, the fewer calories your body needs, so the fewer calories you'll need to eat to continue losing weight. Talk to us about lowering your calorie intake.

4. You're Constantly Stressed

Acute stress - say from a looming work deadline or relationship drama - can cause your appetite to go MIA. But if the stress keeps up and becomes chronic, too-high levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, can increase your appetite, particularly for high-carbohydrate foods. This puts you in a vicious cycle of stress and overeating. Mental health issues, like stress, are no different than physical health issues. They deserve professional help.

5. You're Using Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners, whether you stir them into your coffee, get them from diet sodas or spoon them from your yogurt container, are an easy way to cut calories and sugar in the short term, but they could harm your long-term weight-loss efforts. That could be because your brain responds to artificial sweeteners by telling you to eat more sweet stuff, according to the Harvard School of Public Health. Meanwhile, they may also throw off the balance of healthy bacteria in the gut. Eliminate any artificial sweeteners in your diet and replace them with sweeteners that also contain vitamins and minerals, like honey and maple syrup.