NAD+ The New Medical Marvel?

NAD+ Fights Aging & Disease, Boosts Physical Performance and can be found in an IV THERAPY NEAR YOU

Good health relies on numerous biological processes that govern human metabolism. Most of us take our health for granted, as long as we feel good and have sufficient energy to perform everyday activities. But as we age, we often experience a decline in physical performance as our risk of metabolic disease goes up.

Scientific research on aging has uncovered the power of a tiny coenzyme called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD+, found in every cell throughout the human body, and in the cells of all living things. NAD+ performs many functions that help maintain healthy cells, and it plays a key role in DNA repair. Without NAD+, life would not exist.

As you age beyond your reproductive prime, your NAD+ levels naturally decline. Paradoxically, you need more NAD+ as you get older to maintain good health and avoid degenerative diseases. Certain foods provide precursors to NAD+ that help your body manufacture it, but even the healthiest diet cannot provide enough of the necessary precursors to optimize NAD+ levels in middle aged and older adults.

NAD+ to Combat Muscular Sclerosis

NAD+ is essential for energy production in your body’s cells. It works within your mitochondria, tiny organelles located inside each cell that use oxygen and glucose to create ATP, the energy molecule. The NAD+ coenzyme also works as a helper molecule for certain proteins that regulate a broad range of biological processes. NAD+ plays an important role in cell signaling and in the repair of DNA damage caused by free radicals and various environmental factors.

Increased cellular levels of NAD+ have been shown to:

  • Boost energy production and use.

  • Speed up cellular repair.

  • Coordinate circadian rhythms that regulate sleep.

  • Improve mental clarity.