Weight Loss

If you are looking for a weight loss program for women that works, you've found it.

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Most of our patients are women and we know women want to lose weight for very different reasons that are all very important. Some of the reasons we have seen from our women patients are medical concerns, serious medical concerns, they don't want to buy a new, larger wardrobe, they want to get into "skinny" jeans, they're planning for weddings (planning for divorces), family reunions, summertime vacations or anytime vacations, pains in the knees, pains in the feet and pains in the neck, their other doctors told them it was time to get serious and just plain sick and tired of being sick and tired. But whatever the reason our women patients come in our doors, they have made a decision and are ready to lose that weight once and for all in a safe and reputable environment.


Healthy Solutions MD provides the education and support you need to reach and maintain your goals. We have the resources to help you achieve your ideal weight and body fat percentage. We have specific weight loss diets for you as a woman. After evaluating your needs, we will start the move toward a healthier you! In addition, we know you have a busy schedule and are more than happy to accommodate you accordingly.


Our balanced program for women begins with initial testing (blood work, EKG, Body Fat, and BMI analysis) and a visit with one of our providers. The provider will give you a personalized reduced calorie diet and appetite suppressants like phentermine/adipex (if appropriate) from our in-house pharmacy. You will then receive an email each day with a suggested menu, shopping list and suggested exercise regimen. When you get close to your goal weight we will modify your custom meal plan into a meal plan for life to keep you at your goal weight.


We even offer B-12 and Lipotropic Injections to give you that extra fat burning benefit and added energy when you need it! More than just a diet, this is a weight loss program with trusted results.


Postpartum Plan 

At Healthy Solutions MD, we understand that your time is limited as a new mother. Our goal is to assist you in dropping that stubborn baby weight through our weight loss programs for women. We provide unique exercise programs and meal plans that help you achieve an overall level of personal fitness and health.

New mothers can participate in our customized weight loss program as soon as six weeks after giving birth.

medical weight loss, appetite suppressants, weight loss clinic,