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Being Obese is Its Own Bill

Being Obese Is Its Own Bill

Maybe you’ve looked into losing weight before and thought that the price for true, proven weight loss programs with supplements was too steep. I get it, it’s never appealing to anyone to have to spend money on anything that doesn’t bring instant results. But what if we looked into the cost of living as an obese individual? In fact, obese adults actually spend 42% more on direct healthcare than a healthy weight adult does. Imagine what that fact alone means for someone of an obese weight. Even the cost of living is run up by obesity! Clothing, travel and even the extra amount of food that is purchased all rack up the bill for an obese individual which could be easily avoided if they were to find a solution. Not only does it personally cost the obese person, but a recent study has shown that every taxpayer pays an extra $170 annually towards the management of obesity-related problems such as clogged arteries and diabetes. To say the least, everyone would benefit from being a healthier version of themselves.

Being Obese is Expensive

Now that you know that being obese is EXPENSIVE, here's what you can do if you find yourself at an unhealthy weight. First and foremost, you cannot allow yourself to get comfortable with being an unhealthy version of yourself and ultimately a poorer version too. Love yourself, take care of yourself and do better for yourself and the people you love by keeping yourself healthy. Not only does obesity affect you but the people around you. Imagine all the things you could be doing with the extra money you save just by being a healthier and better version of you! You could go on vacation, get your hair done, or even just go out with friends all while feeling good about the body you’re in. The solution to obesity isn’t always the easiest but at Healthy Solutions MD, we will help you through the hardest parts because we want you to be the happiest you you can be! Let us be the healthy solution you need to get fit, happy, and richer! Call us now!

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