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Liver Detoxification : Why You’re Not Losing Weight

We live, eat, sleep and breathe all while being surrounded by toxins every single day… it’s no wonder why it’s SUCH a struggle to lose weight! It’s almost like we learned all about toxins in middle school and high school and then (unless you studied science in college or something) we just forgot about the huge affects all of these toxins around us have on actually ruining our bodies. Yes of course we never forget to take our vitamins and we drink “enough” water daily, but then we’re still left with this unwanted belly or arm fat or whatever problem area we have always seemed to have. We know that this is a problem and we’ll handle it when we can but whenever we do try it’s just so hard to get rid of that extra fat that we have to try later or “it’s just not a priority for me right now”. It’s tough out there trying to lose weight when you know you’re doing everything you can to lose it but your body just isn’t reaping the benefits. I’ve been there! And I’m telling you right now that if you are actually being 100% honest with yourself and you’re eating right and keeping yourself active then it may not be your fault at all that you’re not losing any weight, you’ve hit a plateau, or that fat won’t just come off of that one spot on your body. It’s the Toxins!

Now obviously we can’t just get rid of the toxins surrounding us on a day-to-day basis but we need to be able to control the effects that they have on our bodies. To do that we need to understand toxins, or understand the specific toxins that are causing these unwanted pounds. So, where do toxins come from? EVERYWHERE! Pollution, caffeine, cosmetics, auto exhausts, stress, unhappy relationships, refined foods and sugars, showers, brushing your teeth, literally anything that you can think of that’s not natural. So let’s talk about why this can be the reason for your weight loss struggles. Your liver is pretty much like the powerhouse of your body. We put these toxins into our body and then our liver is expected to detoxify these hundreds of chemicals while still absorbing and packing these nutrients in just two phases, a process called biotransformation. Because most of these toxins are actually fat-soluble, they are ultimately stored in our fat stores to reduce the amount of toxins roaming freely throughout our bloodstreams. In this way, the fat is actually being formed in a way to protect our bodies from these toxins. Not a great option… but hey! So because this is how our body reacts to toxins then we as caretakers of our own bodies need to find a way to promote healthy biotransformation, in turn reducing the amount of toxins that our liver is trying to eliminate and help heighten the liver’s ability to process and get rid of the stored toxins from the tissues.

This leads us to detoxification. Healthy Solutions MD has a variety of helpful and natural supplements that were created to support a healthier body, but right now, I am only going to be addressing Core Restore. Core Restore is a series of supplements that we provide that have been proven to support your liver health and the two phases that it goes through for healthy biotransformation. Studies have shown that liver detoxification is only really necessary once or twice a year, which can be quite helpful especially if you have been experiencing some of the issues that I spoke about earlier. No, we cannot do anything about the toxins that we put ourselves around on a day-to-day basis but we can stop them from having complete control of our weight loss and lives.

if you are interested in finding your solution for getting rid of the toxins in your body today! You won’t be disappointed.

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