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InstaSculpting: The New Era of Body Sculpting

Have you ever wanted toned abs and arms but simply never have the time to workout everyday? Dieting is also a pain to maintain and nearly impossible to get those targeted results that you are after. Maybe you do have a healthy lifestyle, but can’t seem to banish those stubborn fat cells around your tummy. Well, there’s a solution: InstaSculpting.

InstaSculpting, also known as ultrasonic cavitation, is the newest innovation for body sculpting and stubborn fat reduction. Using this minimally invasive method results in a toned and tighter appearance of any targeted area. After only a few sessions of ultrasonic cavitation that persistent pouch will be miraculously toned making you a happier and more confident person.

The Science Behind Ultrasonic Cavitation

Ultrasonic cavitation uses sound waves to burst large fat cells and release its fatty components to be excreted by the body’s lymphatic system. Just like a bursting a balloon, the fat cells burst resulting in a thinner composition. Stubborn fat areas ranging from the midsection to arms can be targeted for fat cell reduction.

Ultrasonic is defined by anything that involves sound waves with a frequency above the upper limit of human hearing. However, during your session you and only you will be able to hear the frequency in your inner-ear. As the sound waves penetrate the skin, your ears will hear a faint ringing for the duration of your session ensuring that it’s doing its job. The other half of this new fat busting method is cavitation.

Cavitation involves the formation of bubbles in a liquid along with the formation of an empty space within a body. During a cavitation session low-frequency sound waves create microbubbles around the fat cells after penetrating through the skin. The bubbles then burst resulting in the deflation of the fat cell and release of fatty acids into the body. This method makes it much easier for fat to be processed and excreted by our lymphatic and urinary tract system.

Is InstaSculpting Safe?

InstaSculpting advocates have raved about the amazing results achieved by this body sculpting method. But is it safe? Unlike other body sculpting methods ultrasonic cavitation produces no pain and doesn’t even require significant recovery time after the session. Even the body tissue surrounding those pesky fat cells stays intact. Ultrasonic cavitation is even safe enough for people to use alongside certain treatments and surgeries with the approval of a physician.

Long-lasting Results

In order to achieve the best results patients should go through between 10 to 12 in-office treatments. However, even after only a few treatments results can already be seen. Up to 2 inches of fat is reduced in and around the targeted area by the 5th treatment.

Drinking lots of water and maintaining a fairly healthy diet will boost results as well. Consumption of water both before and after each ultrasonic cavitation treatment is vital to expel the fatty acids broken down during each session.

Book now and receive your first treatment for $99.00.

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