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Instasculpting is a non-invasive therapy treatment for skin, muscles, tissues, circulatory and lymphatic systems.

Nova sculpt works on breaking down fatty deposits, cellulite, separating adipose clusters, improving cutaneous tissues, and evacuating it’s with excess fluid through the lymphatic areas. Dramatic results are achieved by exclusive directional deep tissue mobilization.

The treatment gives an instant fat loss with inch loss and a detox effect. This in turn improves the skin elasticity, collagen flow, and blood circulation.

Benefits and effects:

  • Breaks down the stubborn long-accumulated fat deposits and subcutaneous fat.

  • Improves the poor circulation thereby assists in reducing fat deposits.

  • Helps in firming the body contours.

  • Increases the excretion of waste products from the body.

  • Improves skin function and skin texture.

  • Helps in skin exfoliation and detox.

  • Helps in relaxation, alleviating pain, and provides better sleep.

  • Reduces tension and stiffness of muscles, hence relieving aches and pains.

  • Helps in improving wrinkles in the skin.

  • Inch loss – 2”-4” /session

  • The minimum session required -6-8 sessions

  • No downtown period required.

  • The outcome is permanent fat reduction and more accelerated results.

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